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A cozy creative workshop where everyone will feel like a creator

We offer not only master classes for children but also for their parents. Online lectures on the theory of art history.

The realities of our time make people focus on what is useful, urgent and profitable. Such a high rhythm of life drowns out the desire for creativity. But when it’s time to relax, a person’s desire to turn to art flares up with renewed vigor. It is important to remember that everyone can draw! This ability does not depend on age or natural gift.

The key to your high-quality painting is our professional teachers. They accompany you throughout the process and are always ready to help. In our art studio you will be able to try out different materials such as acrylic, oil, as well as all the latest techniques of working with epoxy resin, alcohol ink, liquid acrylic.

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letters, vintage, vintage writing, decorative stamps, workplace, writer, stickers in the form of flowers, botany

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Recent works of our young visitors

balancing fragments


4 years old
abstract painting


6 years old
minimalist photography of yellow-petaled flower in a vase


4 years old
black and brown bird on tree branch painting


12 years old
orange fruit on balancing fragments


3 years old
pink and white flower painting


14 years old
red and blue roses in vase

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