Kim Min Suk to Enlist in the Military

Kim Min Suk to Enlist in the Military

On the 3rd of December 2018, actor Kim Min Suk's plan was shared with everyone about doing his duty for his country.

His agency named Respect Entertainment has confirmed about the report saying, "It is true that Kim Min Suk will be enlisting and the set date is on December 10." They also added that he is currently wrapping all his ongoing films and will be spending the rest of the time resting.

They also added, "Kim Min Suk is hoping to have a quiet enlistment and there are no scheduled events for reporter or fan meetings."

He is currently wrapping up his films "Clowns" and "Perfect Man" so people will still watch him after his enlistment.

He will be enlisting on the 10th of December and will be discharged on July 2020.

We are hoping for the best for you Kim Min Suk!

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