EXO: Official Quintuple Million Album Sellers

EXO: Official Quintuple Million Album Sellers

EXO continuosly reaches different milestones in their career!

On the 2nd of November 2018, EXO released their fifth studio album having the title "Don't Mess Up My Tempo". Prior to the release date, it already has sold over 1,180,000+ copies. In just 10 days, they already have sold over 1.1 million copies. This is their album that has earned the title of quintuple million sellers because every studio album they release since their "XOXO" has sold over one million copies.

In addition to the details, EXO has already sold over 10 million albums in Korea with their five studio albums, winter special albums and live albums.

EXO is the first group ever to sell over 10 million album copies in Korea that debuted after the year 2000. Their recent album also has topped different worldwide music charts such as iTunes Top Album charts in 47 countries.

Congratulations and your supporters are always proud of you, EXO!

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