BIGBANG Garners the YouTube Diamond Award

BIGBANG Garners the YouTube Diamond Award

BIGBANG has proven their popularity once again by achieving another milestone!

On the 10th of September 2018, BIGBANG's YouTube channel officially has 10 million subscribers.

YouTube gives a Diamond Creator Award as a recognition to all artists who reach this number of subscribers because of the milestones they have reached and for creating a good influence to the netizens.

BIGBANG is the third KPOP group to reach this achievement, next to BLACKPINK and BTS.

Recently, the group celebrated their 12th anniversary this year and some of their members are still serving in the military. And Seungri, their youngest member is busy promoting his solo album and concert tour around the world.

Congratulations once again, BIGBANG! We are proud of you.

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