An Exhibition for BTS Fans

An Exhibition for BTS Fans

BTS will be holding a "2018 BTS Exhibition" to give their love and thanks to their supporters at Ara Art Center in Seoul on the 25th of August to the 28th of October 2018, and will be occupying the basement up to the 4th floor.

This exhibition is to show the photographs captured from the members during the preparation of their albums, videos and other images they took themselves as well. Fans who will be attending the exhibition will be given chances to communicate with BTS members and create special memories with them.

Those who are wanting to attend the exhibition could buy the tickets on the 10th of July 2018 at Interpark and the remaining will be sold on-site.

It has been almost three years since they last had their exhibition and that was on December 2015.

Don't miss the chance to speak with your idols!

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