Yubin Feels Proud for BTS' Success on Billboard

Yubin Feels Proud for BTS' Success on Billboard

On June 4, 2018, Yubin was on Press Conference Interviews for her upcoming solo debut.

Since she already had an experience of being in the Billboard on Wonder Girls' "Nobody", she was asked by one of the news outlet of her opinion about BTS making it to the top spot of Billboard and she answered,

They are really impressive on their success. As a Korean artist, I feel really happy and proud for them. We are from the same industry so I really feel the sympathy and pride.


She also added her statement as she is looking back to the time Wonder Girls are in the United States, "That was a very difficult time, but the memories we shared are really good. The person that I am today is the outcome of the various experiences I had back then. Those are really important memories that I will never forget."

Way back in 2009, Wonder Girls' "Nobody" was on spot #76 Billboard Hot 100 which became the first Korean artist to enter the chart. BTS' "Fake Love" is currently on the 10th spot.

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June 5, 2018 12:49PM KST

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