An Actor Amazed Everyone by Sweet Singing and Dancing Skills on “King of Masked Singer”

An Actor Amazed Everyone by Sweet Singing and Dancing Skills on “King of Masked Singer”

On the 16th of July, MBC’s Korean Singing Competition “King of Masked Singer” has revealed the identity of “Melon” who came from a popular boy group.

He is also good at acting which made everyone awed by the talents he possesses.

On the second round of the show, “Melon” battled against “Baby Seahorse” and sang Park Joong Hoon’s “Rain and You” in a very beautiful, loving, sweet and emotion-filled voice. Watching Melon’s performance, celebrity panel Yoo Young Suk stated that he has really a good voice and he loves it. He even wanted to sing with him.

Both the contestants showed awesome performance, however, when the votes were tallied, Melon who got 31 votes only came second and Baby Seahorse garnered a total of 68 votes.

Melon has shown great performance. After giving his awesome dance moves and emotion-filled songs, he was revealed to be none other than 2PM’s Junho. Celebrity panel Danny Ahn exclaimed “I knew it was him. I was very certain when I heard his voice, his rhythm, and saw his dance.”

Junho said that the audience didn’t recognize him and the experience he had with King of Masked Singer didn’t make him upset for not winning, rather, he thinks he did a good job for appearing on the show and singing someone else’s song which took up a lot of confidence to deliver well.

Junho has done a great job and it is sure that people will support him knowing his talents were all amazing. Acting, combined with singing and dancing.

Way to go Junho!

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