Meet IU’s character in “My Ahjussi”

Meet IU’s character in “My Ahjussi”

Fans can no longer contain the waiting for the new tvN drama where IU plays as the lead character for “My Ahjussi”, who takes a very serious role as seen on the images projected.

She is at an office, dressed in dark clothes, wearing sunglasses indoors and is not portraying any emotions at all. She seems to possess a cold and a tough character in the drama.

“My Ahjussi” tells a plot about three brothers who will be meeting Lee Ji An played by IU who is living a tough life, and later on copes up with the hardships experienced.

The staff from the drama was happy to comment on IU these words, “IU has made a very big leap of transformation on the character. In the scenes, she plays as a woman who had great difficulties in life but with tough mindset that has made her through all the obstacles. She has done the character very well.”

“My Ahjussi” will be on air on March 21, 2018 at 9:30PM KST.

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