Music: Samuel's Life's Inspiration

Music: Samuel's Life's Inspiration
Recently, Samuel had his photoshoot wherein he showed off his love for music at CeCi Magazine.

At first, he was energetic and playful, but when the pictorial started, he became focused and showed passion on what he is doing already. He also uncovered and explained how music has given meaning to his life, and how him and music are inseparable.

"I love music as well as dancing. Everywhere I go, I sing, even if I'm in the bathroom or choosing what to wear for the day. Music is my lullaby. As I go to sleep, I have my earphones plugged in on my iPhone as I listen to music until I get my sleep."
"The present makes me happy. I can perform on stage and like everything I'm doing these days."

Checkout Samuel's photo on CeCi. The rest will be issued this upcoming 2018.

Who's excited to check the magazine out? And who shares the same emotions as Samuel do with music?
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