Former SISTAR Member Hyorin Announced to Have Her Own Label

Former SISTAR Member Hyorin Announced to Have Her Own Label
On September 9 in the evening, former SISTAR member Hyorin shared a handwritten letter to her fans on her personal Instagram. On her letter the singer decided to stand alone without her agency, Starship Entertainment.

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“Hello everyone and Star 1 (SISTAR Fans Club). It feels like it’s been a long time since I greeted you. Many of you might be wondering about my future plans. I’m writing this letter for you to know my next steps, I’m sorry if I took so long."

"After thinking and wondering for so long on how to start my new beginning and what kind of music will I give, I have decided to start by my own."

“The reason why I was able to stand in the spotlight for the past 7 years in my career as singer was because of my Starship Entertainment family and SISTAR members. I want to say thank you though I’m unable to express it by words. I’ll do everything to return the favor.”

“Although I’m a bit afraid of the future, I’m still excited for my new start. Though it may be hard to start alone, I will never forget myself as Hyorin. I’ll move step by step forward with courage. And again, thank you everyone.”

After debuting in 2010, SISTAR officially disbanded last May. Bora signed with her new agency, Hook Entertainment while Soyou and Dasom were also resigned in Starship Entertainment.

We will keep on supporting you Hyorin!
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