Is it True that Suho was Kicked Out of their Room by Sehun?

Is it True that Suho was Kicked Out of their Room by Sehun?
On September 6, EXO's Suho and Sehun appeared as guests on 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time'.

This was their first schedule since the release of their 4th repackaged album, “The War: The Power of Music”. They shared to the listeners the meaning and message behind their title track “Power” which was released yesterday.

During their interview, the two revealed that they were roommates for 5 years until they got their own room for themselves.
Suho jokingly confessed, “We were roommates for 5 years. But when we had an available empty room, Sehun kicked me out. And now we are no longer roommate”.

While Sehun smiled and answered, “I'm very glad because I can finally live now.”

Suho added, “Before, I could not even organize our room. But now that I have my own room, I can do whatever I want and I can take full responsibility in organizing and cleaning my room. So I challenged him on who will have a cleaner and organize room between us (*laughs)”.

Make sure to check out their funny radio broadcast to know more about them.
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