Super Junior Sungmin's Mother Speaks to Fans

Super Junior Sungmin's Mother Speaks to Fans
Sungmin, a Super Junior member was opposed by fans to join the group on their upcoming comeback. Because of too much objection, he decided not to take part on upcoming promotions of Super Junior anymore.

With everything that's happening already, Sungmin's mother, Kang Kyung Hwa, have spoken to the media "Korean Herald" regarding the issue that's going on about her son.

She stated, "I know many of his fans are still mad at Sungmin and I completely understand the reason why. Sungmin has been known as a korean idol for a long time already, and I know with this incident, he will become stronger. He grew up weak, but I know he will make it. Not a lot of things will go as they are planned to be, like this incident. I think what matters most is that we have to accept the reality and change ourselves in situations such as these. I think my son is holding on better than i thought, I can see it on his actions. Recently, he has been taking classes to explore and learn new things, and he is very diligent on helping his wife."

Super Junior is dated to comeback in October consisting of seven members of the group. Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Kangin, and Ryeowook are confirmed not to be joining the group on their performances.

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